2012 HispanicBusiness Top 500

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. – July 26, 2012 – Five Hundred companies were awarded and chosen as the 2012 HispanicBusiness Top 500. The HispanicBusiness Top 500 award shows the impact the company has had on America’s corporate world.

“For nearly three decades, the HispanicBusiness 500® has served as a barometer of the U.S. Hispanic economy. The 500 directory highlights a range of successful companies (HispanicBusiness).” SBG is proud to have once again made the list, with its hard work, and dedication to becoming a leader within its industry.

“In documenting the progress of Hispanic entrepreneurs, the HispanicBusiness 500® has given a voice to small business entrepreneurs. For all those involved in the U.S. Hispanic economy, the HispanicBusiness 500® provides a measure of performance and progress (HispanicBusiness).”

SBG Technology Solutions is one of the twenty-two companies that made the HispanicBusiness Top 500 list from the state of Virginia.

“It’s an extraordinary honor in today’s tough business environment to be recognized for the great work our team has accomplished. My business associates have performed extremely well in working with our clients to support their very important needs. We pride ourselves in providing quality support to our customers, and that alone makes all the difference in the world. I couldn’t be more proud of them!” -President & CEO, Carlos Del Toro

HispanicBusiness established itself back in 1983. “Looking back, the nation’s Hispanic population was a third its current size (HispanicBusiness).” Now in 2012, “In addition to providing current business-related news, HispanicBusiness covers the growth of the U.S. Hispanic market, economic trends within the Americas, best business practices, and career development opportunities, delivering research-driven content to the nation’s top policy makers and power brokers (HispanicBusiness).” It is an honor and a privilege to be ranked amongst the best on the HispanicBusiness Top 500 list.

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