Air Force

SBG Engineered, Furnished, Installed and Tested (EFI&T) a CCTV system for Bolling AFB Child Development Center. SBG installed and tested 37 black and white and 23 color surveillance cameras including advanced capabilities for recording and storage of high-resolution data. SBG also provided training for all personnel at the Child Development Center on use of the system.

SBG Engineered, Furnished, Installed and Tested (EFI&T) a mass notification system on Langley Air Force Base. The fixed multi-cell omni-directional high-power siren/public address base notification system included pole mounted speakers throughout the base, capable of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) alarm signals and associated voice components (Music & Audio Messages) with controls, amplifiers and speakers to comply with all Langley AFB requirements. The system has redundant control/user interface capability from two geographically separated locations on the base.