Army National Guard

As a prime contractor, SBG’s Tuition Assistance Team (TA) provides technical support services including Lean Six Sigma and business process engineering to the National Guard Bureau’s Education Division (NGB-EDU). The TA Support Team provided a seamless and smooth transition towards the implementation of a centralized Federal Tuition Assistance payment process across the Army National Guard.

SBG acted as a liaison between the the 54 States, NGB-EDU and the academic institutions, to validate student grades and recoup tuition payments when necessary.

The TA Support Team is located at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, North Little Rock, Arkansas.

SBG provided research and analysis for emergent human capital issues related to career field management. SBG Team members provided training to NGB personnel on CFA concepts and reports, including developing tutorials and standard operation procedures so that NGB personnel can better understand the health of the various communities
SBG evaluated trends, shortfalls and challenges, implemented and monitored new research methodologies to ensure the process supports the needs of the organization. The team monitored changes to the approved Command Plan and ARFORGEN cycles, while identifying the corresponding impacts on MOS career fields, training, and readiness.
Additionally, SBG conducted research on demographic trends, issues, events impacting ARNG Officers, Warrant Officers and Enlisted Soldiers, while preparing statistical data highlighting those demographic trends, issues, and events that impact soldiers.

At the ARNG’s Strength Maintenance Training Center (SMTC), SBG’s 19 member team is responsible for training the ARNG’s Recruiting and Retention Force. SBG’s trainers provide instruction on location at the SMTC in Little Rock, Ark., and deploy mobile training teams around the country to deliver follow-up and reinforcement training to recruiting and retention personnel in the field. SBG’s curriculum developers and trainers design, administer, upgrade and maintain the curriculum for 20 mobile training team courses and 30 online training modules. The course topics offered include sales philosophy, various sales methods and techniques, marketing, data analysis and planning, among others.
As the technology used to deliver training content continues to evolve, SBG has increased the ARNG’s ability to provide training to the recruiting and retention force by designing and installing a modern rapid access computer network system. The system increases the flexibility and reach of the training, allowing Soldiers in all 50 U.S. states and territories to access the materials remotely.

SBG designed a curriculum framework and lesson module outline for the Army National Guard’s Patriot Academy. Our experts developed a set of interconnected modular lesson plans on topics such as career management, communication skills, physical readiness, nutritional awareness and leadership.
Work continues with the development of an exciting new, custom-designed curriculum for the Army National Guard. Designed specifically for the Guard’s Patriot Academy (a specialty school for high school non-completers), the Warrior Enhancement Leadership and Training curriculum covers topics ranging from the history of the National Guard to research “best practices” and common military customs and courtesies, well as other client identified topics. Created by use of a series of PowerPoint based modules, the SBG team also created a companion facilitator’s guide to help facilitate high quality program delivery.