Contract Award: Langley Air Force Base Mass Notification System

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SBG Technology Solutions will engineer, furnish, install and test (EFI&T) a Mass Notification System (MNS) consisting of a GIANT VOICE Public Address system with High Power Notification capabilities. The system will be a fixed multi-cell 121 decibel (at 100 feet) Omni-Directional, High Power Siren/Public Address Base Notification System (with 3000 watt amplifiers) capable of standard Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) alarm signals and associated voice components (Music & Audio Messages) with controls, amplifiers and speakers. The system will have redundant control/user interface capability from two geographically separated locations. Radio links will be narrow band compliant in accordance with approved ACC frequencies. The system will have a user interface central station control encoder/decoder, auxiliary board for remote activation, noise canceling microphone, two-way narrow band controls and status option capability. Status options will at a minimum inform the user of alarms, system operational or non-operational status, and battery/power information. The system will also have remote station digital voice, voice recording and programming capabilities.

SBG will utilize an IPT Project Management team approach to develop and implement the system. A System Planner, Project Administrator and Project Manager will be assigned to the project to insure agreement regarding design, documentation, training and commissioning requirements. A detailed project review will be conducted with Langley AFB personnel to verify that the design approach and expected results are in line with expectations. Engineering and Professional Services Incorporated (EPS), a factory trained and authorized regional installation contractor who specializes in siren systems and control systems, will be utilized for the installation of the activation/control points, the Giant Voice Outdoor Electronic Sirens, and the indoor warning controllers and speakers.

SBG will install the Central Control Points at the start of the installation process, allowing Operator and Administrator training to commence once the control points are complete and the initial field and/or building controllers are in place. Siren and Controller installation will then continue until completion. Upon completion of the installation and system optimization any additional training will be scheduled. Our training team will provide the training materials and training sessions utilizing actual product and simulating actual operation. Hands on demonstrations and operations are employed to insure that complete understanding is achieved.

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