Defense Human Resources Activity

SBG deployed and maintained an Electronic Transmission Service (ETS) for the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) during the 2014 General Election. The system supports the transmission of election materials to and from election officials and absentee voters. The ETS platform facilitates the management and distribution of election materials by receiving forms and ballots via email or fax and distributing them to the proper election jurisdiction or voter. In addition to installing, configuring and maintaining all of the system hardware and software, SBG provided help desk support to FVAP customers, tracked data and conducted an analysis of alternatives for future enhancements to the platform.

In support of FVAP’s efforts to identify and assess policies and disciplines that will improve voter success rates and streamline the voting process, SBG led a statistical analysis to validate the information reported by election officials in several voter surveys. The research team collected the individual level data related to voters’ election experiences, tallied the information recorded in these databases for each individual voter and ballot, and recreated the statistical data elements requested in the surveys. The recreated data elements were compared with those reported by election officials in the surveys. SBG’s analysis of the results illuminated key threats to the reliability, completeness, and validity of election officials’ survey responses.
The final report included a series of recommendations for improving data standardization within election reporting and has led the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) and other concerned stake holders
to take additional action.