Information Technology

SBG’s developers are experts in several programming languages and are capable of designing applications using C, C++, C#, Java Script, Java, SQL, MY SQL Server, M (MUMPS), PHP, Perl, ASP, ASP.NET MVC, JSP, ColdFusion, Ajax, JavaScript, HTML, XML, and CSS.508 compliance.line breakSBG’s capabilities in mobile applications include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web 2.0 and social media integration, usability/suitability design, and graphic design and user experience.

SBG uses cutting-edge technology in the development of software applications designed for hand-held and mobile devices. SBG developers design mobile applications for all major mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and iPad. Our developers work with the customer to define a mobile strategy and develop an application to match it. SBG also designs and implements enterprise guidelines for the development, architecture, certification and deployment of mobile applications to exceed industry standards in deployment and integration.line breakSBG’s cross-platform developers have expertise in both high-value mobile application database development for the federal government and high user experience, external apps for commercial clients. SBG also provides experts on integration and development to guide and write policies and procedures for cross-agency application development.

SBG provides 24/7 help desk services covering all three Tier levels of support functions.  We support and maintain several high-level, mission-critical IT systems for the federal government serving a user community in the 1,000’s. SBG has extensive experience in resolving a wide variety of customer issues in a professional and timely manner.  Through meticulous monitoring of trouble ticket email queues and incoming troubles reported via phone calls SBG provides excellent customer service with quick response times and solutions to address the various issues faced by the user community we support.
line breakSBG analyzes trouble ticket data trends and common issues experienced by the customer base to provide recommendations for system improvements and process changes.  System maintenance and improvement upgrades are thoroughly tested and carefully pushed to production to minimize any disruptions in service for our customers.  SBG has proven to be a reliable partner with a proven track record of consistently executing projects on time and within budget.  SBG has been repeatedly praised for its thoroughly professional and timely responses to users who have encountered problems utilizing systems SBG supports.

SBG engineers perform hardware, software, and enterprise architecture reviews and assessments in support of systems development and integration. Our engineers also assist clients with systems maintenance, testing, Independent Verification and Validation and evaluation.

SBG provides information assurance support to commercial and corporate customers. SBG’s information assurance experts have proven experience securing data in broad environments, installing and configuring infrastructure, and developing information assurance policies and procedures. Our personnel develop system specific disaster recovery, configuration management, continuity of operations, access control, backup and other policies and procedures in accordance with DIACAP standards. SBG guides systems through the Department of Defense’s Certification & Accreditation process by remediating all system vulnerabilities and implementing the necessary procedures to safeguard information stored on the system.

SBG provides implementation of eCase, an innovative adaptive case management solution, for our customers. eCase is a dynamic case management framework with the capability to power a wide range of workflow-driven processes via core case management functions. eCase enables agencies or organizations to produce or replace ad hoc workflow applications or paper-based manual processes and unify these applications under a single platform. Consolidating under the eCase platform allows agencies to streamline their IT architecture, decrease operations and maintenance costs, and reduce the upgrade time for multiple applications.
line breakeCase’s powerful configuration options allow agencies to automate diverse business processes and quickly adapt to change — in their processes or in their IT environment — without expensive custom coding. The eCase platform presents a new, more versatile architecture that speeds application production and maintenance while greatly reducing IT costs.