Our Vision

At SBG, we make our clients’ goals and our people our top priorities. Through unparalleled agile program management and cutting-edge technology, our trusted team provides results and solutions. To ensure top-quality products for every customer, SBG utilizes our own quality assurance plan. Controlled work conditions, constant communication and rapid identification and mitigation of concerns ensures continuous improvement and unmatched client satisfaction.

Focus_customerCustomer Focused Subject Matter Experts

SBG excels because of the intimate role experts play on each project. A clear, strategically delineated chain of command ensures executive and expert oversight and interaction with projects at every level.

First-Class Environment

SBG strives to maintain high working environment standards and oversight to ensure only the best products and services are produced for clients. SBG fosters a collaborative working environment, provides access to cutting-edge technology and equipment.

Clear, Concise, Effective Communication

As communication channels continue to expand and digitize, SBG strives wherever possible for face-to-face interaction amongst employees and with our clients. Throughout the contract process, the client and task manager determine the preferred method of communication at the beginning of any effort and periodically review its effectiveness, adjusting as necessary.


Service/Product Delivery Process

A standardized delivery process will allow for quality reviews and improve consistency. The delivery process includes the identification and assignment of tasks, product review and client feedback. SBG uses a database, called the deliverable tracker, to assist in tracking product deliveries and producing measurable data for process improvement.

Iterative Quality Assurance Improvement Process

As an ISO-2015 Certified company, SBG uses an iterative process to measure and collect metrics, perform analysis and report findings to the management team. This iterative process, used across the organization, achieves uniformity and consistency of measures and metrics in all areas of support.