Program Management

SBG Technology Solutions provides program management expertise, executive administrative assistant services, acquisition technical/engineering support, resource management, program control and program planning services to its customers. With a strong base of results-oriented experts with years of experience, many of whom are accredited program management professionals, SBG is able to provide innovative cost-effective solutions to our clients. Unique skills include:

General Acquisition and Program Support

  • Program Managers
  • Program Engineers
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Security Managers
  • Business Financial Managers
  • Acquisition Experts

Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System (PPBS) Support

  • Development of program budgets
  • Budget exhibit development
  • Track/maintain program baselines
  • Execution planning, support, and analysis
  • Integrated program/action plans
  • Detailed accounting and payment reconciliation

Resource Decision-Making Support

  • Issue coordination
  • Unfunded requirements
  • Briefings
  • Decision/action-item tracking

Strategic Planning

  • Analysis of long-range planning documents
  • Long-range planning excursions
  • Program alternatives development/analysis
  • Integration with PPBS planning
  • Acquisition planning support (DoD 5000, service acquisition processes)

Organizational Planning

  • Strategic plan/performance contract development
  • Organizational effectiveness studies
  • Policy administration
  • Training Services