SBG combines proven program management expertise with deep government knowledge and experience to pair with subject-matter experts to deliver quality, mission-critical research and analysis to support our customers. Our research services vary by need and our capabilities span from qualitative to quantitative methods.
SBG constructs the methodology, assumptions, manages and executes data collection, guides full literature reviews and delivers a final report recommending both tactical and strategic solutions.

The benefits of engineering systems using open standards and architectures have been apparent for some time. Government agencies seek the increased interoperability and reduced costs of open systems. Realizing the potential of open systems engineering requires an experienced, multi-disciplined staff that has a deep understanding of the environment in which a system will operate and the dedication to change organizational tendencies to develop stove-piped systems. SBG has the real-world experience, technical expertise and management capability to ensure the success of a transition to open systems engineering.
SBG has been on the forefront of open systems engineering, providing support to the highest levels of the Navy since early 2005. SBG’s support includes efforts to determine software reuse with the Navy and industry vendors, developing a Navy enterprise software repository, changing business practices, and educating acquisition personnel using strategic communications and change management practices on the benefits of open architecture. One goal of open architecture is to develop a software repository to promote software reuse, which will reduce program costs and schedules while improving software quality. SBG researched, outlined, developed and reviewed major elements of the Concept of Operations and Requirements document for the U.S. government’s Open Architecture Enterprise Repository.
SBG’s experience in applying open systems principles to software development efforts is invaluable to many programs. SBG can give your program significant insight into the Department of Defense and Navy’s vision of future software and systems development. SBG’s leadership in open systems engineering will ensure the success of your system development efforts.


A strong brand makes people remember. We help create strong tangible brand elements – the look and feel of your organization, while positioning you to own your core competencies.

Media Relations

Engaging relevant journalists and reporters is a great way to tell your story, but you have to earn it. We help you better tell your story. We draft press releases and use our extensive network to pitch the right story to the right journalist.

Public Affairs

To influence a policy decision is to define and shape the framework of the discussion. We create custom messages that stick with government decision makers. Using a broad spectrum of tools, your message will have a seat at the table.

Social Media

Your organization is being talked about on the internet – most of this conversation is happening on social platforms. By joining the conversation in an active, creative way, you can build and guide the conversation around topics you want talked about. You control the conversation.

Crisis/Issue Management

Our experts know how to navigate a crisis. From managing the initial response to media and key stakeholders, to a long-term strategy to regain public trust.

SBG provides top-quality and well-trained administrative personnel to support organizations across the federal government. Our staff competently integrates as part of the government team and becomes a relied upon asset.

SBG provides consulting services in business process re-engineering as a business management strategy for both commercial and federal clients. We focus on the analysis and design of workflows and processes within an organization, striving to better both for our customers. We strive to support our customers reevaluate and think about how they do business, and how they can do it better – saving time and money along the way. We strive to improve customer service, cut operational costs and provide recommendations for improved overall organization.