SBG Technology Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its new subsidiary, SBG Strategic Solutions. This new branch of SBG provides global strategic consulting services that empower public and private organizations to successfully navigate fast paced and ever-evolving markets. This team is composed of an experienced and recognized group of senior consultants with more than 30 years servicing a wide array of public and private sectors around the globe. With its expertise and understanding of the marketplace, SBG Strategic Solutions Consultants will deliver and implement the strategies needed to help customers solve challenging problems.

Given the pace of rapidly changing customer needs, technologies, budgets, policies, and leadership, our clients demand a reliable and achievable roadmap that ensures lasting success. That is why SBG Strategic Solutions offers a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to those challenges with its services. We help build our clients’ capabilities, provide access to key decision-makers, and then challenge the status quo to drive innovation and efficiency.

SBG Strategic Solutions includes in its ranks senior leaders like Major General Donna Barbisch (Ret.), Rear Admiral Michael Smith (Ret.), CDR Vincent McBeth (Ret.), and the Honorable Pedro Pablo Permuy. Our Consultants are highly distinguished for their leadership and business acumen in many areas including aerospace, defense, healthcare, human capital, cybersecurity, public policy, research, development, and many others.

As the CEO of SBG Technology Solutions, Carlos Del Toro brings a formidable array of knowledge as a “hands-on” executive with experience in program management, joint and service specific military operations, space systems engineering, civilian and military telecommunications, information technology and legislative affairs. His leadership and innovation has been recognized by his selection as a White House Fellow and Special Assistant to the Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget. Carlos Del Toro served 27 years in the U.S. Navy, and is well versed on all matters of national security.

Major General Donna Barbisch is a dynamic role model, leader and agent for change. She has a distinguished track record as a national security policy analyst, public health and healthcare management professional, military veteran advocate, professor, and a proven leader with command and management experience at all levels of corporate responsibility. Recently, she works on serious gaming to empower leadership in decision making that leads to improved outcomes for preventing and reacting to crisis situations. She is a foremost subject matter expert in complex disasters and terrorism, preparedness and response, and in military and civilian health systems. Her background includes major successes in the private sector, US governmental organizations, and the international community. She is an internationally acclaimed speaker who moves people to action. Her executive expertise includes leadership through organizational change, systems integration, governance and corporate culture in the board room, and entrepreneurial corporate solutions, all leading to organizational growth and improving the bottom line. She served in the Army for more than 38 years, retiring in 2006 as a Major General.

Vincent McBeth is an expert in formulating solutions, organizing resources, and implementing go-to-market strategies for companies at the nexus of growth and transformation. During his 22-year military career, McBeth served as a White House Fellow to President George W. Bush as a Special Assistant to the Secretary of Veteran Affairs and as an Administrative Aid to the Secretary of the Navy. McBeth also served as a senior advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Chief of Naval Operations, and Vice Chief of Naval Operations. He commanded various U.S. warships while conducting operations around the world. Vincent McBeth is the President of The McBeth Group International, an aerospace and defense technology firm that delivers products and services with the highest levels of quality and support to private sector clients and government agencies and departments.

Pedro Pablo Permuy currently serves as a member of Green T Advisors. He has previously served as Director of Governmental Affairs at Greenberg Traurig’s Washington D.C. office. He also served on the Staff of the Office of the Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus of the United States House of Representatives, Rep. Robert Menendez of New Jersey, where he served as foreign policy, national security and international trade advisor, as Minority Staff Director of the House Western Hemisphere Subcommittee, and as Staff Director of the House Democratic Homeland Security Task Force. In those positions, he drafted key provisions of foreign relations authorization legislation and of the bill that established the new Homeland Security department. Previously, Pedro Pablo served in the Clinton Administration as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Inter-American Affairs where he led senior military and civilian staff in the formulation and implementation of US national security policy for the Western Hemisphere.

Michael Smith is a recognized expert at measuring organizational effectiveness and providing strategic solutions that yield both immediate and sustained long-term results to a range of highly technical and diverse organizations. His experience in the defense and aerospace industry includes assessing surface, submarine, and aviation naval weapons and systems. In addition to this, Admiral Smith was recognized as one of the Navy’s premier strategist and served as the Division Director responsible of developing and implementing Navy Strategy and Policy. Most recently, he has been developing businesses in areas that include human performance and medical technologies.

The multidisciplinary background of our Consultants and Senior Advisors brings together powerful perspectives that allows us to better understand you, our prospective clients and your respective markets. SBG Strategic Solutions is driven to create the most efficient roadmaps to tackle your challenges, accelerate your growth, and increase your value and impact. With this new advisory and consultancy capability, SBG Technology Solutions amplifies its array of services and further strengthens its commitment to transforming our client’s challenges into opportunities.