SBG instructional designers develop original course content specifically tailored to meet clients’ needs. SBG prepares training frameworks ranging from software-specific new technology implementations to enterprise-wide training programs. Each course is designed with a specific method of delivery in-mind, with audience understanding and retention as the fundamental goals. SBG adheres to the ADDIE model in the development, implementation, and evaluation of all training courses.

SBG instructors bring a wealth of experience to their classrooms. Real-life anecdotes and lessons learned are integrated into the instruction to engage students and ensure the courses are compelling.

e-learning provides significant benefits to our customers, including efficient delivery, accessible training, and reduced travel costs. SBG’s online courses have been delivered to more than 10,000 students. Computer-based training modules and online learning modules, where instructors and students are actively engaged throughout the course, are delivered to students around the globe.

SBG leverages open-source technology to configure and implement Learning Management Systems in a cost-effective manner. Utilizing open-source technology allows customers to receive a robust learning platform at a fraction of the cost. SBG handles the full life-cycle of support for the system from implementation, testing, and deployment to hosting, upgrades, and system administration.