Transportation Security Administration

SBG currently delivers role-playing and scenario-based training to provide TSA personnel with the skills necessary to successfully and safely work around the world. SBG’s curriculum developers and instructors have designed and developed two custom courses focusing on embassy knowledge, negotiation, domain awareness, personal security, cyber security, counterintelligence and other salient topics. SBG’s instructors and subject matter experts, including former intelligence officials and ambassadors, deliver the modules to TSA employees at both headquarters and around the country through mobile training teams.

In support of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), SBG provides program management office support for the Higher Education Program. The program partners accredited colleges and universities with federal airports and allows Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) to take associate degree-level courses in homeland security and related disciplines. The program provides a valuable opportunity to strengthen our nation’s security by bolstering the skills and education of TSOs. Since its inception in 2008, the program has spread to 250 airports across the country, providing officers with unprecedented access to high-quality education opportunities. SBG’s team of project management, communication, graphic design, and data specialists support the program, as well as the design and implementation of a strategy that will drive growth and operational improvements to meet the future needs of the program. SBG is leveraging technology to increase the reach and accessibility of the program, and is building and maintaining data models to generate insights and enable TSA to make better operational decisions.